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Dr. Aneel Kummar Barjatiyaa is one of the most renowned and "
India’s Highest 5* Rating Vaastu Consultant . Best Vastu Consultants in India. *

Welcome to Vastu Shastra

Dr. Aneel Kummar Barjatiyaa (Gold Medalist) is associated with Vastu and Astrology. In addition to teaching and training from renowned scholars of India in Vastu, he has also done research on Vastu himself. Vastu consultancy works only on the basis of their deep study and experience. Practical experience and prevention of various rules of Vastu have been working for many years.

At present, Vastu consultations are being given regularly to many renowned celebrities and the Royal Families. Along with Vastu Consultancy, the work of teaching Vastu has also started in recent years. In which Vastu is taught by giving practical examples by connecting vastu to science. So that the right knowledge of Vastu will continue to be passed on to the generations to come, and we can understand and learn Vastu in the right sense.

Dr. Aneel kummar Barjatiyaa,
Best Vastu Consultant in Udaipur, India.
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  • Privacy Guarantee
  • Jiten Certified Pyramid Vaastu Advisor
  • Accurate Remedies Solutions
  • Solution at Nominal Cost
  • More than 20 years Experience
  • Simple and Powerful Remedies
  • He 1s now currently advising some Royal Families also.
  • Remedies without re construction
  • Low cost remedies
  • Remdies by Yantra, Colour, Paintings, Objects etc.
  • Highly Educated & Experienced Team

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  • To Erase Negative Energy.
  • Attract More Money
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  • Awaken Healing Energy at Home
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“Begin your journey to a better life with Peace, Love, Beauty, and Happiness”

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