Importance of Computer education for girls

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

What is Computer education

Computer education is the rocess. It learning about or teaching about the Computers. It includes the basic knowladge ofComputer system, skills, ideas,  and the basic terminologies related to theComputer system.

Computer education means gaining basic knowladge and skills to operateComputers in order to perform  desired jobs.Computer education ; withComputer and about Computer.

What is role of Computer education

 Computer play a vital role in every field. They aid industrial processes,  they find application in medicine they are the reason why software industries developed and flourished andthey play an important role in education. Owing to memory capacities ofComputers,  large chunks of data can be stored in them.

 In today’s world, for almost every activity whether personal (for example,  operating personal savings bank account) or business related ( for example ,  selling any on theComputer system. Due to the growing dependency on.

role of computer education

Best Computer courses for girls

Generally, girls prefer to choose a career option which provides them a secure invironment and work slability. The most popular career option for these preferences isComputer science stream and allied courses. Know here the most preforredComputer corses for girl students.

  • ​Animation
  • Bachelor degree courses in animation
  • Dioma level courses in animation
  • Short term certificate courses in animation
  • Career scope in animation
  • Cyber forensics/forensic investigation
  • Web design/ graphic desagn
  • Computer aided fashion designing (cad)course
  • Content writing and seo courses
  • Bechelor of technology inComputer science engineering
  • Bechelor of science in information technologu (B.Sc.IT)
  • Certificate course in core JAVA
  • Development using PHP
  • Certificate program in financial accounting
  • Diploma is tally software
  • Certified industrial accountant
  • Basics ofComputers
  • Coral draw
  • Photoshop
  • Lectra
  • Illustrator
  • Auto cad
  • Computer tally program
  • 3Ds max
  • Certificate course in advanced JAVA
  • Certificate course in programming through C language
  • Interior Designing
  • Exterior Designing
  • Certificate in 2D animation
  • Certificate in 3D animation
  • Production works.
  • APDCA(Advance professional Diploma in Computer Application)
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  1. Sonu Joshi

    I am agree with you

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    Very good blog

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    Yes sir it is very compulsary to education girls
    I fever this topic

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    Computer courses ki jankari aur girls ko yeh kaise important hai iski jankari mili sir

  10. Sitaram Keshri

    The most popular career option for girl is computer science stream and allied courses.
    The most preferred computer courses for girl students are Animation ,Bachelor degree course in animation, Diploma in tally software, Basic of computers, AutoCAD ,Interior designing ,Exterior designing etc , and many other courses.


    Yes girl ko computer ideation bohat important ahe iaki jankar mili
    Nice blog

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    Computer knowledge very imp

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  14. Computer ka knowledge sabhiko hona chahiye, parantu computer girls ke liye most important hai, iske baare me yha ek saral aur pukhta jankari diya gaya hai

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    shi kha sir aap ne

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    Educate girls very nice

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    Computer education is very useful for everyone.

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