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* What is interior –

 Interior commonly refers to the inside of something.

When we see a house we can see above that from outside the house is not that attractive but when we go inside the house it looks more attractive regarding its color scheme and furniture and many more.



These components together are known as interior.The interior can be as attractive as eye catching and can be bad also

which dozen ‘t creates a pleasant site to look at.

So the color scheme, color of furniture, the materials used for interior should be done carefully.

Also the wall paintings, wall paper should be decent and pleasant when one looks at it.

The color scheme of the interior should not be too dark or be too light.

The dark color absorbs light as we all know. So if there is dark color scheme in the interior it will absorb all the natural as well as artificial lights and will not reflect any.

So the whole house or a particular room will be dark which also raises the negative energy resulting in the unhappy environment for the residents.

If still one wants to use the dark color on walls or in any interior it should be noted that the is more than enough light so that after the light is absorbed it dozen ‘t creates an unpleasant environment.

Or the combination  of light and dark can be used.

On the other hand the light color reflects light and in the light color scheme there is not much need of the artificial lights.

Too much light color scheme should not be used because it may not create a very pleasant effect on the retina of the eye.

In the interior of kitchen light colors should be purposely used so that when sun rise falls in the kitchen it dozen ‘t gets absorbed.

Because sun rise are particular most important in kitchen to kill the bacteria’s present in the inner most corners of the kitchen.

This whole planning of the color scheme, furniture, wallpapers etc. in the interior comes under a topic and a very vast field known as interior designing.

* importance of interiors – Importance of interior lies in the beauty of the house, hotels, showrooms and any other space.

When we consider 2 different cases-

  1. House without interior.
  2. House with interior.

In both the above cases the house space is equal.

Now the person living in case 1 will be less satisfied any get irritated to small things easily.

The reason being that is no pleasing effect of the house which will make the environment happy and peaceful to live.

But the person lives in case 2 will be more happy & satisfied.

The state of mind of person in case 2 will be balanced happy and the person will be more active in the various situations.

These things are psychologically provide.

* Objectives of interior decoration – the  goal to be aliened while decorating interior of a home, room, showrooms, hotels etc. is a successful integration of following 3 objectives.

  1. Beauty
  2. Expressiveness
  3. Functionalism
  4. Beauty – Beauty of home lies within the color scheme, balanced and proportionate furniture and third respective colors.
  5. Expressiveness – It implies the power the exited one ‘s response.
  6. Functionalism – Man fashioned tools furniture & houses to make life comfortable & safe.

The main function is to create a motivated environment.

The main thing & main purpose of interior decoration is that it sets an ambiance, a balance in a house.

A good interior decor also emits positive energy and a healthy environment in a house.

A good ambience will control the mood & state of mind of the person living in the house also the whole family & guests.

Good and attractive interior decor also describes uniqueness creativity & the social states in the society.

 The interior decoration should be budgeted and the final cost estimation should be done properly.

Good ambience lighting color scheme also creates a relaxing environment.

If initiates a calming or stimulation response, both in commercial & residential areas.


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    Interior commonly refers to the inside of something.
    The colour scheme of the interior should not be too dark or be too light.
    Too much light colour scheme should not be used because it may not create a very pleasant effect on the retina of the eye. The main thing and main purpose of interior decoration is that its and ambiance a balance in a house.
    A good interior decor also emits positive energy and a healthy environment in a house.


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