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We usually start our consultation with a thorough assessment of the Internal as well external environment of the property. It involves taking an accurate compass reading, measurements, analyzing the shape and, also the size of the property.
The whole process usually takes about 1 to 2 hours. It can take longer for large industries, complex or buildings to examine in greater depth. At the end of the consultation, we provide you with a vastu report containing the plans, calculations, notes, recommendations, etc.  It helps you to use the Vastu principles either in new or existing location.

We also advise you on enhancements, cures, timing and, also changes to the building and its surroundings.

Most important, we always encourage you to stay in touch after the consultation. This helps us to monitor the progress you have made after the changes.

Vastu Consultant
Dr. Anil jain

info@healthwealthvaastu.com or
call us at+91-9987140064

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