Get Vastu evaluation of your current or proposed property

Vastu reading is a valuable tool if you are looking for greater abundance, more harmony, more creativity, empowerment, and better social life.  What if you could find a perfect vastu house plans that bring you good luck at your doorstep, opportunities banging your door for years and years. Imagine Prosperity and good luck flowing throughout the house while you enjoy good fortune in all your relationships & success in your interactions with people. Vastu evaluation composed of definite and countless easy to implement vastu suggestions.

Vastu reading is the best way to get first-hand vastu status of your current or proposed property.
Send following details for vastu reading:-

1. Plan of your property for vastu evaluation
2. Mark directions on the map
3. Provide important placements in each room
4. Location of Painting, objects, idols, etc
5. Colors used in each room
6. Photographs of a site, if available
7. Details on the surroundings of the site. i.e. staircase, lift, road, river, hill, neighbors etc What you will get:-

Based on the above information, Vastuplus team experts will analyze a floor plan or a map and mail you a vastu reading report. Reading report will cover:-

  • Positive placements in the location
  • Vastu defects, if any in the house
  • Door location i.e. northeast, north-west, south-west or southeast, east, west, north, south
  • Opinion about the plan
  • Vastu remedies and suggestions for any vastu defects
  • Vastu grading of the house
  • The Strength of the house

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